Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

The Kickstarter for Goodboy Galaxy – the first commercial Game Boy Advance video game since 2008 – has smashed its target in less than a day.The Kickstarter went live yesterday requesting ₤ 18,000. Today, at the time of this posts publication, its on over ₤ 58,000.

Goodboy Galaxy is the work of 2 designers, Rik Nicol and Jeremy Clarke, who met while working at a mobile video games studio in the Netherlands.Its a new exploration-focused experience platform game the creators likened to Cave Story, and described as a “cuter Metroid”. An improved version for PC and Nintendo Switch is also in the works.In a note sent to Eurogamer, Nicol said the last business Game Boy Advance game was The Bee Gee game, released by now defunct publisher Midway on 5th November 2007.


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