Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

2.05 pm BST

Jeongeun Lee6 remains in risk of falling apart. From the back of 9, she portions a chip, then leaves an awful long putt 12 feet short. Her head needs to be swimming right now. Its a par for Yealimi Noh, and birdie for Lydia Ko, in spite of her drive failing to find the fairway.

2.00 pm BST

Minjee Lee gets up and below a bunker at the par-five 9th to kip down 32. Nice and steady might win this race. Shes one off the lead at -14. Turning up behind, Yealimi Noh finds the very same trap, while Jeongeun Lee6 flies her second over the back. This actually is too close to call now. Who d have thought it, a couple of hours ago?
-15: Noh (8 ), Lee6 (8 )-14: Lee (9 )-13: Maguire (F), Ko (8 )-11: Chun (11 ), Furue (9 ), Thitikul (11 )

1.53 pm BST

Leona Maguire shoots record-equalling 61

An eagle possibility for Leona Maguire, from the fringe at the par-five 18th. If she holes it, shell be the very first person, woman or guy, to shoot 60 in a significant! Sadly, she misreads her putt from 15 feet, which breaks strongly to the right, and ends 5 feet from the hole. However shes not letting history absolutely wriggle from her grasp, and rolls in the birdie putt for a record-equalling 61! Shes along with Kim Hyo-joo and Jeongeun Lee6 in the record books, both gamers having made their mark on this extremely exact same course. Shes the clubhouse leader at -13.

at 1.54 pm BST

1.49 pm BST

How will Yealimi Noh react, now the hunter is one of the hunted? By creaming her drive at the par-five 9th directly down the middle, is how. Lydia Kos tee shot flies into the thick rough down the right, however Jeongeun Lee6, who could be forgiven for being in shock, finds the short stuff.

1.44 pm BST

Yealimi Noh bounces back in style. She swishes her tee shot at the par-three 8th to 15 feet, and carefully strokes a right-to-left downhill slider into the cup for her birdie! And this is appropriately on now, due to the fact that Jeongeun Lee6 yips a two-footer for par, and her five-shot over night lead is gone.
-15: Noh (8 ), Lee6 (8 )-13: Lee (8 )-12: Maguire (17 ), Ko (8 )

1.36 pm BST

Another birdie for Leona Maguire! Shes on course for a 62 … and if she can make something on 18, a par 5, shell equate to the all-time 18-hole major-championship record!

1.32 pm BST

Noh cant make her long par putt on 7, whichs a very messy bogey. Ko does extremely well to get up and below the back to scramble her par. Lee6s 12-foot birdie effort never looks like dropping, however shell be more than pleased with another par, the bleeding stemmed, her cushion on top back to 2 strokes.
-16: Lee6 (7 )-14: Noh (7 )-13: Lee (8 ), Ko (7 )

1.30 pm BST

Fun and games on 8. Pajaree Anannarukarn had actually been going backwards at speed, after bogeys at 3, 4 and 5. But the 22-year-old Thai, whose best outcome at a major is a tie for 14th at the 2019 PGA, birdied 6 and now gets another 8 in amusing style. She sprinkles out elegantly from a greenside bunker. Her ball stops stubbornly on the lip. She takes every second of her allotted time, and ultimately the ball drops of its own accord! No need to get the putter out. Shes -10.

1.24 pm BST

Noh is still 85 backyards from the flag, and in thick rough. This is all excellent news for Lee6, who is on in policy.

1.21 pm BST

Leona Maguire is not far off acing the par-three 16th! She kicks in for birdie, and if she pars the last two holes, shell be signing for a terrific closing round of 63. As things stand, shes -11. Back on 7, the issues continue for Yealimi Noh, whose 3rd snags more rough down the. Having done so well to close the space, shes in danger of adding a rating here.

1.17 pm BST

Minjee Lee birdies the long par-five 7th to relocate to within 3 at -13. Could this lastly be the Australians time in the majors? Back down the hole, a bit of bother for Yealimi Noh, whose drive nestles behind a tree down the. Shes required to chip out sideways, however overcooks it and whistles her ball into the rough on the other side. Thats negligent, and might prove expensive.

1.15 pm BST

Georgia Hall hit the turn in 33, and continues to move in the ideal direction. The erstwhile British Open champ birdies 10 to relocate to -9. Sarah Kemp drops her very first shot of the day at 10, slipping to -9, her first top-ten finish at a major suddenly in a little threat. And Amy Yang, who has 18 top-ten finishes to her name without ever breaking through to win, birdies 11. Its her 3rd of the day, and the 31-year-old Korean is -9.

1.09 pm BST

Ko is the only member of the last group to make her birdie putt on 6, and its all occurring at the top of the leaderboard. Lee6 will take succour from snapping that run of three bogeys.
-16: Lee6 (6 )-15: Noh (6 )-13: Ko (6 )-12: Thitikul (9 ), Lee (6 )-11: Chun (8 )-10 Maguire (15 ), Kemp (9 ), Furue (6 )

1.07 pm BST

at 1.09 pm BST

Thitikul makes her eagle putt on 9. The 18-year-old Thai is correctly included in this competition now! Speaking of which, a two-putt birdie for Maguire at 15 and shes hovering on the fringes too.

1.01 pm BST

Another eagle putt showing up. This time for Atthaya Thitikul on 9, and this one is a doozy, straight at the flag and rolling serenely to five feet. A big possibility to get effectively included. On 6, all 3 members of the last three-ball gently pepper the pin. Lydia Ko will have the finest look at birdie. Leaderboard action ahoy!

12.59 pm BST

Minjee Lee now has a reasonable chance of breaking her major duck. A 20-foot birdie putt at 6 shaves the hole, and the 25-year-old from Perth remains at -12. Leona Maguire sets up an appearance at eagle on 15, using the slope on the right-hand side of the green to collect her ball to 20 feet.

12.51 pm BST

… and now its simply the one, since Lee6 cant make her par saver. Its three bogeys in a row, and this is now formally a crisis for the 54-hole leader, who had a five-shot advantage when she required to the tee just over an hour earlier.
-16: Lee6 (5 )-15: Noh (5 )-12: Lee (5 ), Ko (5 )

12.50 pm BST

Ko and Lee6 take turns to sprinkle delicately out of the sand. The outcomes are as great as can be expected, however theyll still have ten-footers to save their par. Noh then puts in her birdie putt, and the lead is all of a sudden cut to two …

12.44 pm BST

Noh cranks up the pressure by swishing her tee chance at the par-three 5th pin high to ten feet. Another look at birdie showing up! Ko meanwhile pulls into the bunker to the left. What response from Lee6, coming off the back of 2 bogeys? Not a good one. She follows Ko into the sand, where shell find herself shortsided. Another crucial matchplay-style exchange showing up.

12.40 pm BST

Sarah Kemp has a lots wins to her name on the Australian trip, however the 35-year-old from Sydney has no record to speak of at the majors. Shes following up rounds of 67, 69 and 70 in some design, with birdies at 1, 5 and 6.

12.36 pm BST

For the second hole in a row, Noh passes up a really good birdie chance. And Lee6 sends an awkward chip four feet past, her putt coming back lipping out. Noh will be cursing those two missed out on birdie putts; she d be best on Lee6s shoulder had she made them.
-17: Lee6 (4 )-14: Noh (4 )-12: Lee (4 ), Ko (4 )-11: Chun (5 ), Furue (4 ), Thitikul (7 )

12.27 pm BST

Are Lee6s nerves beginning to jangle currently? Another wayward tee shot, this time at 4, gets a lucky bounce out of the rough down the right and into the semi. That leaves a long second, and she cant get over the false front of the green, leaving a chip and a putt for par. Ko doesnt capitalize, sending her 2nd broad right of the green, however Noh offers herself another appearance at birdie, this time from 12 feet. Of the last three-ball, the debutant is looking the most composed, while the two previous major winners are a little bit scrappy.

12.20 pm BST

The birdie blitz, at 4, 5 and now 6, takes her up the leaderboard to -11. Thats not to state shes out of it, however like so many others in the chasing pack, shell require a collapse from Lee6 if shes to have any hope.

12.16 pm BST

Nohs birdie effort is poor. Its always missing to the left, from the second it leaves the face of her flat stick. A chance for Lee6 to escape without any damage … but she does not take it, pushing her putt to the. She strolls off with a smile and a sigh, having actually made her first bogey of the day. Her lead is cut to four, though it could have been even worse had actually Noh taken her possibility. Ko pars in fuss-free fashion.
-18: Lee6 (3 )-14: Noh (3 )-13: Ko (3 )-12: Lee (3 )

12.12 pm BST

Rookies winning majors remains in vogue today, after Collin Morikawas antics at Sandwich last week. How about his fellow Californian repeating the technique here at the Evian? Yealimi Noh has actually just sent out a crisp 8-iron to six feet at 3, while Jeongeun Lee6 is left with a monster putt, having sent her increase a bank to the left of the fairway, and only just making the fringe with her 2nd. Lee6s putt isnt all that, and shes entrusted a 6 footer of her own for par. Huge number of putts showing up.

12.05 pm BST

The 2018 British Open champ Georgia Hall birdies 3 and 6 to increase to -8. Charley Hull is 2 over for her round through 3, and shes quickly dropping down the standings.

12.00 pm BST

The leading trio play the par-three 2nd in noticeably typical design. Lee6 only simply finds the front of the green, with the pin towards the back. She sends her long birdie putt four feet past, though strokes the one returning into the centre of the cup for her par. Kos story is practically the exact same. Noh has the very best possibility of birdie, however clumsily clanks a 12-foot possibility 3 feet previous, and only simply makes the par putt, the right-hand lip nabbing the ball simply in time. Lee6s five-stroke lead stays intact, and shes one hole closer to home.

11.51 am BST

at 11.51 am BST

Another birdie for Leona Maguire! This one comes at 10, and at this rate the in-form Irish star will be searching down the historical 61s shot by Kim Hyo-joo and Jeongeun Lee6. Just the 4 more birdies needed, as shes already six under for her round. Shes -9.

11.45 am BST

Ko and Noh follow Lee6 in to make it 3 birdies out of 3, and its been the fastest of starts by the leading group. Theres a low score out here for someone today.
-19: Lee6 (1 )-14: Noh (1 )-13: Ko (1 )-12: Lee (1 )

11.41 am BST

Ends up Ko discovered a fairway bunker instead of the rough down the right of 1. A little a break, and she capitalizes by clipping her second to 8 feet. Thats a fine shot, though its improved by Noh, who powers out of the rough to five feet. Then its the only member of the last three-ball to discover the fairway, and of course Lee6 ends up the outermost away, albeit only by a number of feet. Thats golf for you. No matter, she rolls in the putt for an opening birdie, and its the ideal start for the leader, who moves to -19.

11.36 am BST

A 2nd birdie of the day for Chun In-gee, who rolls a delicate however quick 20-footer into the cup at 2. An opening birdie for Minjee Lee.
-18: Lee6-13: Noh-12: Lee (1 ), Ko-11: Chun (2 ), Anannarukam (1 )

11.34 am BST

The final match of the 2021 Evian Championship takes to the tee! The leader Jeongeun Lee6 is up initially, and can be forgiven for suffering a few jangling nerves; this tournament is hers to lose after all. However she sends her opening drive down the right-hand side of the fairway. Yealimi Nohs tee shot ends up in the thick things down the. And finally heres Lydia Ko, possibly the greatest risk to Lee6 with two majors in the bag, including this one in 2015. She follows Noh into the rough down the right. OK, this is on!

11.28 am BST

That set a record low rating for 18 holes at any significant, femaless or maless, a mark that still stands and was equated to on Friday by Jeongeun Lee6. Kim begins this morning with birdie at the opening hole, and like her compatriot Chun, moves to -10.

11.25 am BST

Theres a reasonable opportunity that an on-song Jeongeun Lee6 will beat that today, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, theres plenty of golf to be played. Anyhow, Chun sends her second at 1 to six feet, and guides in a carefully oscillating birdie putt to move to -10.

11.20 am BST

Likewise going well: Lizette Salas. The 32-year-old Californian pressed Nelly Korda all the method at the PGA last month; shes also got a second-place surface at the British Open on her CV, one putt away from taking Hinako Shibuno to a play-off at Woburn in 2019. Therell be no likewise heady finish this week, however birdies at 1, 3, 5 and 7 have actually brought her to -7 and a top-ten surface is unexpectedly within reach.

11.15 am BST

The course is going to play a bit longer as the result of the earlier rain. The Domaine du Royal Club Evian isnt too much of a trek at the best of times, and there are a lot of front flag positions today, so that shouldnt trigger the field too numerous problems; in truth the softer greens will provide the chasing pack an opportunity to get aggressive and put some early pressure on the leader. To highlight, might we provide as proof Leona Maguire: the 26-year-old from County Cavan in Ireland has actually fair flown out of the traps today: birdies at 1, 2, 3, 7 and now 8 have actually blended her right up the leaderboard to -8.

10.50 am BST

There were storms last night, while some thunder rolled in a couple of hours ago. As a result, there has been a 40-minute hold-up. Significant action will be dispatched in your instructions, with fantastic sensation, the minute it occurs.

10.30 am BST.

This truly should be a procession for the 2019 United States Open champ Jeongeun Lee6. Thanks in big part to a major-championship record-equalling 61 on Friday, the 25-year-old with 5 namesakes on the Korean Tour sits atop the leaderboard after 54 holes in a really comfortable position.
-18: Jeongeun Lee6-13: Yealimi Noh-12: Lydia Ko-11: Mingee Lee, Ayaka Furue, Pajaree Anannarukarn-10: Ariya Jutanugarn
Then once again, Lexi Thompson shipped a five-shot lead on the back 9 at the United States Open last month; Patty Tavatanakit had a five-shot lead entering into Sunday at this years ANA Inspiration, and was extremely nearly denied by Lydia Kos final-day hail-Mary 62; Lee6 herself endured a late wobble when winning that abovementioned 2019 United States Open; and its major-championship golf, so, well, y understand. Anything can occur. So lets get out there and see what establishes at Evian Resort Golf Club, Évian-les-Bains, France. Cest en marche!


Coming up behind, Yealimi Noh finds the very same trap, while Jeongeun Lee6 flies her second over the back. Lee6s 12-foot birdie effort never ever looks like dropping, but shell be more than pleased with another par, the bleeding stemmed, her cushion at the leading back to 2 strokes.
Noh then puts in her birdie putt, and the lead is unexpectedly cut to two …

12.44 pm BST
Noh will be cursing those two missed birdie putts; she d be best on Lee6s shoulder had she made them. Yealimi Noh has actually just sent out a crisp 8-iron to six feet at 3, while Jeongeun Lee6 is left with a monster putt, having actually sent her drive up a bank to the left of the fairway, and only simply making the fringe with her 2nd.


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