Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

The Sun is around 4.6 billion years old and astronomers think that it is currently midway through its life. Despite that, it is concurred by lots of scientists that prior to its last departure, in 5 billion years, the Sun will turn into a red giant.The core of the star is supposed to shrink, however the external layers will broaden out to the orbit of Mars and swallow up the Earth in the procedure if its still there.Evidence recommends that life on Earth would nearly definitely have ended prior to that time comes.Thats because the Suns brightness increases by about 10 percent every billion years.The increased brightness will vaporize all Earths oceans, making the surface area too hot for water to even form– a key staple of our diets.But although the red giant period is somewhat agreed upon by researchers, there has been little bit recognized about the duration that comes after that.That was till 2018, when the research study utilized computer modelling to figure out that, like 90 percent of other stars, the most likely outcome will be that the Sun will shrink down from a red giant into a white dwarf and will finally end its life as a planetary nebula.READ MORE: Black holes in Milky Way might swallow EarthThe information design created by the study authors anticipates the life cycle of different types of stars in order to work out the brightness of the planetary nebula associated with various star masses.Experts now have a clear model to determine our greatest star– the Sun– showing it will just live on quickly longer than previous estimates.Mr Zijlstra included: “Not just do we now have a method to measure the existence of stars of ages a few billion years in distant galaxies, which is a variety that is incredibly difficult to determine, we even have discovered out what the Sun will do when it passes away.”


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