Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

Bringing its total up to five.

Up until recently, the only EA game you could find on GeForce Now was Apex Legends; however, the publisher is now stretching its legs a little further into Nvidia’s game streaming service with the addition of four new titles.

GeForce Now, which lets subscribers stream and play games they’ve purchased from the likes of Steam and the Epic Store on a range of different devices (provided Nvidia has secured the rights), is adding a total 14 new titles the service this month.

EA’s offerings are far from being the most current – GeForce Now subscribers can now stream the Steam and Origin versions of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Battlefield 1 Revolution, and Unravel Two – but they’re perhaps most notable in terms of significance.

Electronic Arts Games Streaming on GeForce Now.

Last year saw a host of big-name publishers – including Activision Blizzard, 2K, Bethesda, Warner Bros, and Xbox Game Studios – pulling their games from GeForce Now as it transitioned from beta to full release, while others, including Sega, Ubisoft, and Bungie have continued to support the service. Today’s announcement that another major publisher is tentatively expanding its GeForce Now presence is clearly excellent news for subscribers, even if EA’s future commitment to the service remains to be seen.

As for this month’s other GeForce Now additions, the Epic Games Store version of Paradox Interactive’s Europa Universalis 4 – which is currently free to download and keep – has made the cut, alongside the following titles:

  • Away: The Survival Series (Steam)
  • Lemnis Gate (Steam)
  • The Eternal Cylinder (Epic Games Store)
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Industria (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • The Last Friend (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Rogue Lords (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Europa Universalis 4 (Epic Games Store)
  • Battlefield 1 Revolution (Steam and Origin)
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition (Steam and Origin)
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (Steam and Origin)
  • Unravel Two (Steam and Origin)
  • Rustler (Steam)
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist (Ubisoft Connect)


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