Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

A BONKERS Doomsday preacher has warned that seven volcanoes might emerge and “end life in the world” in a goofy prediction.
Evangelist pastor Paul Begley also raves on YouTube about “climatic mayhem” as an “apocalyptic indication that can eliminate you”.
5Earth is on the crater of an apocalyptic occasion, cautions the manic preacherCredit: Getty
5Bonkers Doomsday conspiracy theorist Paul Begley
In a lengthy video forecast, Begley warns of flash floods, typhoons, and “apocalyptic” storm rises.
He likewise rants about wildfires, the turmoil in Afghanistan, the current quake hell in Haiti, cyber attacks on the US – declaring his astronomy research provides “indications” of catastrophic occasions.
In one crackpot video, he asks viewers: “Do you believe that God doesnt have timing?”
Begley fumed: “The world is on fire.
” California is having its second-ever most significant fire season, Greece is on fire and the entire nation is burning.

” There are catastrophic occasions all over including five earthquakes which strike Alaska and it is beginning to get outrageous out there.
” The Atlantic ocean currents are likewise slowing down and that will damage the earth.
” What is causing all of these things?
” Could it be the polar caps shifting as prophesied in Isaiah 24? Just now is the science capturing up on the prophecy.
” Puerto Rico doesnt stop shaking … Indonesia … these are just the start of sadness guys.
” As Jesus stated … its not simply these apocalyptic indications that you need to fret about, or expect, however verse 9 states then shall they deliver you as much as be afflicted, and shall kill you.”
Begley likes to utilize his online preaching to mention the Bible and typically describes the end of days.
The theorist reckons completion of the world will come about due to huge volcanic eruptions.
The Geographical Society has formerly said the Earth could be eliminated by a “super-volcanic” eruption – although this might occur in about one million years, according to a report in 2017.
And while Begleys previous dire forecasts have notoriously up until now failed to come to fulfillment, hes based his most current concepts on recent research from the University of Cambridge.
Nevertheless the organization states that researchers are now veering away from the danger of “super-volcanic” eruptions.
Instead, professionals are checking out smaller eruptions in key worldwide pinch points “developing devastating cause and effect”, according to the unis report.
Begleys alarming end-of-days caution comes months after he incorrectly anticipated that Doomsday would strike us on December 21, 2020.
He declared it could occur due to a certain planetary positioning.
5Pastor Paul Begley has made another of his unusual Doomsday predictionsCredit: YouTube
Some nutty conspiracy theorists thought the world would end on December 21, 2020
5Pastor Paul Begley is encouraged the armageddon is nighCredit: YouTube


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