Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

The honchos at Disney unveiled this week an upgrade to their Jungle Cruise flights at both Disneyland and Disney World … which were getting re-tweaked over the previous year and change after a lots of people demanded they lose the so-called “natives” along the OG course.

New experiences wait for on the world-famous Jungle Cruise! Go behind the scenes with Disney Imagineers to find out about the brand-new characters, broadened storyline and enjoyable surprises concerning @Disneyland on July 16 and @WaltDisneyWorld this summertime:— Disney Parks (@DisneyParks) July 9, 2021

It appears none of those representations are still around in the new ride– but there are still Black individuals featured. Only now, theyre seen as part of the expedition team … instead of being seen as the scary, cannibal-esque bad men threatening the cruise travelers.

The majority of those indigenous people were represented as Black– but they were also constructed out to look like what some have characterized as “savages” … something thats been done time and once again going back to the 20th century. Dr. Seuss even used to portray indigenous people in the same fashion … always drawing them with extremely dark skin and exaggerated features.

Up next– Peter Pan and their Native American robots. Simply kidding … possibly.

Jungle cruise is racist asf and simply perpetuates the concept of how black native people are savages— K Den (@kathyykakes) June 25, 2020

Friendly reminder that this is still part of the Jungle Cruise— Michael Libby (@tenaciouslibbs) June 25, 2020

The Mouse House published a BTS video showing the procedure of what entered into reworking the trip– and the engineers restated what Disney said in a statement … namely, that they wished to remain devoted to what everybody keeps in mind and loves about Jungle Cruise voyages of the past, while also being inclusive/respectful/accurate over portraying cultures.

Disney has a brand-new Jungle Cruise appearance at its theme parks– this after catching flak for what some said were racist depictions– and they got rid of any and all angering robots.

In case youre wondering, here are a few of the animatronic figures being eliminated from Disneylands JUNGLE CRUISE for being racist.— Hollywood Horror Museum (@horrormuseum) January 25, 2021

What that, obviously, totaled up to in the end product– based on video they posted of the upgraded Jungle Cruise ride– is no trace of the native people that used to be seen along the way.

The call to revamp Jungle Cruise came on the heels of Disney revealing they were likewise offering their Splash Mountain trips a facelift … with the OG animatronics likewise being called racist and perpetuating deep South tropes. They took care of that, and now … this too.


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