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Professionals think it was made by a dinosaur with a possible body length of 8 to 9 metres, matching the print of a Megalosaurus, which lived in between 175 and 164 million years back.

Following her discovery, at a location which is being concealed, Ms Woods contacted professionals including palaeontologist Dr Dean Lomax, the author of Dinosaurs of the British Isles.
Dr Lomax said Ms Woodss discovery turned out to be a rediscovery, as it had actually been partially spotted by fossil collector Rob Taylor back in November 2020.
Regardless of Mr Taylor publishing images of his find in a Facebook group dedicated to fossils from Yorkshire, the fossil was not yet totally exposed and no one had actually understood its real value.

A footprint made by a big meat-eating dinosaur described as a “real Jurassic giant” has actually been found on a Yorkshire beach.
The fossilised print was spotted by archaeologist Marie Woods who was gathering shellfish.

” Its in a vulnerable state and sits near to the water level, meaning it might be lost to the sea.

When she spotted it, Ms Woods was gathering shellfish

Dr Lomax, who matured searching for fossils on the Yorkshire coast and has composed thoroughly on dinosaur finds, said: “This is the biggest theropod footprint ever discovered in Yorkshire, made by a large meat-eating dinosaur.
” We understand this due to the fact that the shape and three-toed track, along with the impression of the claws, are definitely spot-on for having been made by a large theropod that probably had a hip height of about 2.4 metres and possible body length approaching eight to 9 metres – so a real Jurassic giant.
” We can never be certain of exactly what species made it, but the footprint type would match the similarity a dinosaur found in Britain and called Megalosaurus, which lived at approximately the same time this footprint was produced, throughout the Middle Jurassic.”
He included: “Yorkshires coast is world prominent for its dinosaur tracks, primarily through research by Dr Mike Romano and Dr Martin Whyte, who spent around 20 years looking into and discovering hundreds [to] countless tracks.”

It is the biggest dinosaur footprint found in Yorkshire

Ms Woods said she was shocked to stumble throughout the substantial print. Now she is hoping it will be possible to wait prior to it is washed away.
” I was grabbing some shellfish for dinner. I didnt collect much after seeing that,” she stated.

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