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“I believe Andrew Carnegie provided away what in todays cash would be about $11 billion, which shows how rich he was due to the fact that Ill bet he kept some of it too.
” But I dont want to leave fantastic amounts to the next generation. I think inheritance is rather horrible. Sir Elton John, who has 2 children with David Furnish, has stated: “Of course I desire to leave my kids in a very sound monetary state.

Daniel Craig will not leave his fortune to his children since he believes “inheritance is rather horrible”.
The actor deserves millions thanks to his starring function in the James Bond franchise. He has a three-year-old child with his spouse, Rachel Weisz, and an adult child, Ella, from his first marriage to Fiona Loudon.
Instead of pass his cash to his kids, Mr Craig stated he planned to invest it or give it away.
In a Hollywood interview released today in Candis publication, Mr Craig referred to Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish-born US industrialist and one of the wealthiest men in history.
” Isnt there an old saying that if you pass away a rich individual, youve stopped working?” he said. “I believe Andrew Carnegie handed out what in todays money would be about $11 billion, which reveals how abundant he was due to the fact that Ill bet he kept some of it too.
” But I do not desire to leave great amounts to the next generation. I believe inheritance is quite horrible. My philosophy is: eliminate it or give it away before you go.”
The significance of privacy
Mr Craig and Ms Weisz seldom talk about their kids and have actually not disclosed their daughters name.
He has actually said of fame: “Its nothing I ought to complain about, really, since I also have substantial benefits out of being who I am. The truth is that privacy is a hugely crucial part of my life, and this being a star makes me nervous, actually.
” There is a side of my life that I simply pick not to share and not to talk about. I think peoples private life is something private, and thats that.”
Mr Craig also has a teenage stepson, Henry, through Weiszs previous relationship with Darren Aronofsky, the film director.
He is not the first wealthy celebrity to reveal that they will not be passing on millions to their offspring. Sir Elton John, who has 2 kids with David Furnish, has actually said: “Of course I wish to leave my boys in a very sound financial state. Its awful to offer kids a silver spoon. It ruins their life.


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