Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

DANI Dyer will face fresh heartache if her jailed enthusiast is not able to repay the cash he stole from his victims.
Fraudster Sammy Kimmence was sentenced to 42 months in jail for defrauding two OAPs to the tune of ₤ 34,000, and he could be banged up for even longer if officers discover hes attempted to hide his properties.
6Police will go to Dani Dyers house to recover money boyfriend Sammy Kimmence made through crimeCredit: Instagram
6Dani discarded Sammy after he was sentencedCredit: instagram
6The fraudster was imprisoned for 42 monthsCredit: Hampshire Constabulary
Detectives trained in monetary forensics will visit the couples house to make an inventory of his properties in a bid to raise the cash he swindled from his victims.
They have the power to take products like automobiles, watches and jewellery and even designer clothing which can be auctioned off to raise cash.
A confiscation hearing will be heard next month when Kimmences legal team should supply details of how he means to repay his victims.
A source informed us: “He will be dealing with even more prison time if theres evidence that assets have actually been concealed or sold because he was arrested with the intent of protecting their worth for his own ends.
” He has intimated in the past that he wants to pay back the cash he took but if the court is not satisfied with how and when this will be done, the cops will be advised to make a check out to his home with the intention of taking possessions.”
The Sun has contacted an associate for Dani for comment.
Banged up
The previous stockbroker was jailed for more than 3 years by a judge at Portsmouth Crown Court for tricking two pensioners.
Kimmence – who has been disposed by Dani – sobbed and called himself “a horrible human being” as a judge sentenced him
He presented as a monetary financier to defraud 2 susceptible victims, 80 and 90, out of their hard-earned cash.
The scoundrel convinced Peter Marin and Peter Haynes to permit him to invest their money for them.
His victims were clients at legitimate investment firm Equine Global Sports Limited, where Kimmence worked as a senior trader.

The company received money from consumers which it would use to position bets on horse races, on their behalf.
Portsmouth Crown Court heard Kimmence took the customers on when the organization went into liquidation, incorrectly claiming he was authorised to offer financial services.
One victim was left “residing on the breadline” after the dodgy dealer splashed the money in clubs and on a customised number plate for his Mercedes.
6Danny Dyer with daughter Dani and SammyCredit: xxdanidyer/Instagram
6Dani offered birth to Santiago in JanuaryCredit: Instagram
6Dani felt let down by her exCredit: Instagram
Dani Dyer disposes jailed sweetheart Sammy Kimmence after he lied about court case


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