Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Reuters Reports: Macron this week revealed sweeping measures to combat a fast rise in new coronavirus infections, consisting of the obligatory vaccination of health workers and brand-new health pass guidelines for the larger public.
In doing so, he went even more than many other European nations have done as the highly contagious Delta variant fans a new age of cases, and other governments are seeing carefully to see how the French public responds. (Graphic on international cases)The cops fired tear gas on several events as pockets of protesters overturned garbage cans and set a mechanical digger alight. Some protesters far from the skirmishes used badges saying “No to the health pass”.
Some critics of Macrons plan– which will need shopping malls, restaurants, bars and coffee shops to inspect the health passes of all patrons from August– accuse the president of running over on flexibilities and victimizing those who do not want the COVID shot.
“Its absolutely arbitrary and entirely undemocratic,” stated one protester who recognized himself as Jean-Louis.
Macron says the vaccine is the best way to put France back on the course to normalcy which he is motivating as many individuals as possible to get inoculated.


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