Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

A food distribution business dealing with personnel shortages is advising employees who are pinged by the app to follow a screening program and continue working, in breach of the Government recommendations.
Bidfood president Andrew Selley told BBC Radio 4s Today program: “We know that theyre vital workers as part of the food supply chain, so if individuals are obviously positive or called by Test and Trace then they will have to isolate.
” If they are pinged we ask to take a PCR test, if thats favorable then clearly theyll separate, but if its unfavorable we inquire to come back to work and we have a process of doing lateral flow tests daily away from their office, and if thats unfavorable they can continue with their work.”
Informed the Government recommendations is otherwise, he said: “We believe thats safe and suitable. The ping is advisory. We run in Covid-safe work environments and were absolutely essential workers in terms of the supply chain to hospitals, care homes, prisons, and for that reason its essential for us to be able to keep providing that service to our clients.”


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