Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

Cases might shoot up to a thousand if we are not mindful, member of the advisory committee on coronavirus Dr Petros Karayiannis stated on Tuesday in action to the previous days figures, which showed 787 positives.
” Many continue to act as if the virus has left the neighborhood, but yesterdays 787 cases show that it is still with us, spreading out quickly due to behaviours we demand not halting to stop the spread,” the teacher of microbiology/molecular virology of the Medical School at the University of Nicosia informed the Cyprus News Agency.
We are 160 cases far from the number that led us to taking strict steps last time, he included, “but things are various now as the vaccination protection is higher”.
The more contagious Delta variation, which is believed to be responsible for the recent surge in cases, has actually been observed to mainly impact the unvaccinated.
Karayiannis stated that although it is not yet clear whether the Delta variation is the dominant pressure as samples are still being processed by the ECDC, he hypothesized that the spread of infections can be attributed to the specific version, provided its speed.
With a low vaccine take-up amongst younger Cypriots, ministry information has shown that most of those recently infected were under 40, with Karayiannis mentioning that at least 55 percent of brand-new cases were detected among people under 25.
Although younger individuals do get contaminated, and some do wind up in medical facility, the worst results of the virus will not be as apparent as they were when the elderly were the most vulnerable group, he stated.
” This does not imply that infections will not creep upward eventually, since some infected people could can be found in contact with older individuals who have not yet been immunized”.
Karayiannis stated that offered medical facility admissions have currently started rising, there is a possibility they will continue to.
He included nevertheless that due to the fact that mainly younger individuals are now being confessed, hospitalisations and deaths are still lower than they were throughout other waves of the infection.
This phenomenon has actually likewise been observed in the UK, whose PM Boris Johnson revealed on Monday the country will be raising almost all restrictions on July 19 despite the surge– “a courageous decision I hope does not cost them dearly,” he said.
The advisor was unclear about whether the government is considering rescinding some of the recent step relaxations, saying strict measures have formerly proven effective in limiting infections.
The situation in healthcare facilities is manageable up until now, which offers the government a long time to deliberate on its next actions while keeping an eye on the epidemiological circumstance, he said, adding that the advisory team will be at their disposal.
He added that he was not sure what type of measures would work throughout the tourist period because they would effectively close the tourist market for what is left of the season.
” Whats better– voluntarily complying to individual defense measures and health protocols for a number of weeks, or be forced to follow restrictive procedures once again?”
When again, he reiterated the federal governments pleas for youths to get vaccinated, stating that the responsible– vaccinated– part of the population is being “imprisoned by a group of individuals who do not comprehend the value of vaccinations”.
Others disregard that vaccines are 85 percent effective against the virus, selecting to forgo the jab after seeing that some vaccinated individuals may still get ill.
A fall in cases depends on our own behaviour, he stressed.
“Imagine how much even worse numbers would be if it were winter or autumn, when we are required to remain inside your home. Fortunately, thanks to our vaccination protection and the truth we are investing a lot of time outdoors, infections are not spreading out as fast”.
Observing the transmission chains, nevertheless, it is obvious that they originate in places where individuals gather, ignoring individual security measures and health protocols, he included.
Karayiannis lastly said that the federal governments hopes depend on reaching 80 percent vaccination coverage by September to guarantee herd immunity. “If we dont, well have problems– that is now clear”.


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