Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Chris Eubank Jr will look to secure a statement middleweight win this evening as he takes on Liam Williams in hostile territory.

Eubank Jr, son of English boxing icon Chris Eubank, faces Welshman Williams at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, where the atmosphere should be intense after a heated build-up between the fighters. Williams has promised to “smash this guy to pieces”, while Eubank Jr, 32, has said: “He’s already said he’s going to try and fight dirty, but that’s not the fighter I am. I’m going to beat him the right way.”

Eubank Jr (31-2, 23 knockouts) last competed in October, when his opponent Wanik Awdijan retired after five rounds due to a rib injury inflicted by the Briton. The 29-year-old Williams (23-3-1, 18 KOs), meanwhile, last fought in April as he came up short against middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade, with all judges heavily favouring the American. Eubank Jr is seeking a title shot of his own but must beware a dangerous and game opponent this evening. The pair were originally set to fight one another in December, then January; but after those delays, they are finally set to go head-to-head.

In the co-main event, Claressa Shields makes her UK debut as the American defends her middleweight titles against Slovenia’s Ema Kozin. Follow live updates and results from the entire card tonight, below.


Eubank Jr vs Williams

Williams is on the front foot to the delight of the crowd, whom Eubank Jr taunts in response.

Williams clinches Eubank Jr on a couple of occasions, throwing to the body when in close.

Alex Pattle5 February 2022 23:06


Eubank Jr vs Williams

Williams lands a right hand and the crowd erupts! Still, their man is well behind on the scorecards.

There are “Liam” chants again. Eubank Jr is trying for a rear uppercut but can’t find it.

A flurry from Williams in close and the Cardiff faithful roar him on.

A better round for Williams, but Eubank Jr is still in control after five.

Alex Pattle5 February 2022 23:02


Eubank Jr vs Williams

The first of Eubank Jr’s three knockdowns so far:

Alex Pattle5 February 2022 22:59


Eubank Jr vs Williams

Eubank Jr is talking to Williams now. Another great round for the Englishman.

Alex Pattle5 February 2022 22:58


Eubank Jr vs Williams

Williams pushes forward and the crowd roars. Eubank Jr shrugs as if to say, ‘He didn’t even hit me,’ but he leaves himself wide open in doing so.

KNOCKDOWN! It’s a perfectly-timed counter jab again that floors Williams, just like the first knockdown this evening!

Alex Pattle5 February 2022 22:56


Eubank Jr vs Williams

Williams still looks cognisant and light on his feet despite the two knockdowns.

The Welshman clinches Eubank Jr, who receives a warning from the referee for something… It’s unclear exactly what…

Back in the open, Williams looks to reassert himself by taking the centre of the ring.

He misses with a hook and slips slightly. More good head movement from Eubank Jr and he does a little shimmy to taunt his opponent.

The pair trade punches just after the bell, it seems, and the referee grabs hold of Eubank Jr…

Alex Pattle5 February 2022 22:54


Eubank Jr vs Williams

That knockdown actually came against the run of the round. Loud “Liam” chants again in Cardiff.

Another knockdown! It’s a left hook from Eubank Jr that puts Williams on the canvas again!

Williams returns fire, though, and Eubank Jr appears to be stung briefly!

The Englishman stays composed, however, and takes the round.

Alex Pattle5 February 2022 22:50


Eubank Jr vs Williams

“Liam” chants from the crowd. Both men trade jabs early. Then each swings big but misses.

Eubank Jr leans back to evade a wide right hook from Williams, who then digs a right hand into his opponent’s body in the clinch. Eubank Jr is just out of range of a right straight after the opponents separate.

KNOCKDOWN FOR EUBANK JR! He drops Williams with a counter jab already!

Williams makes it to the end of the round but he’s wobbly!

Alex Pattle5 February 2022 22:46


Eubank Jr vs Williams

The atmosphere is wild in Cardiff, here we go!!!

Alex Pattle5 February 2022 22:42


Eubank Jr vs Williams

Our man on the ground, Tom Kershaw…

Alex Pattle5 February 2022 22:40


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