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Maths whizz and former Countdown Star Carol Vorderman has spoken for the first time about her youngest child’s battle with ADHD, ADD and severe dyslexia – and the struggle she had to get him the treatment and support he needed

Carol Vorderman with her son Cameron when he was a newborn
Carol Vorderman with her son Cameron when he was a newborn (

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Carol Vorderman has spoken for the first time about her son’s learning difficulties – and how she feared for his future.

The telly boffin, 60, is mum to Katie, 30, and Cameron, 25, but while her daughter has inherited her love of maths and easily earned a place at Cambridge University, her brother seriously struggled academically.

This week the family celebrated as he achieved a masters degree in animation from Dundee University – but just a few years ago, Carol would have been happy if he just had a few GCSEs to his name, even though she knew he was very intelligent.

Carol told how her youngest has severe dyslexia, ADD and ADHD.”

His trio of conditions meant that he has struggled to be taught and to learn since he was a small child.

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Carol Vorderman has praised her son after he achieved a masters degree, despite struggling academically


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Carol revealed that Cameron didn’t speak in full sentences until he was three


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He couldn’t speak in full sentences until he was aged 3, and he couldn’t grasp the alphabet. Carol said that he would “conk out” if he was forced to concentrate on something for too long.

“Even before he’d turned five, the same things I’d seen were being repeated in the classroom, with catastrophic consequences. He was being put out of class for being disruptive and causing trouble. At four! I couldn’t believe it. My sweet, wonderful little boy,” she told The Mail.

The mum said her son’s time at primary school was also disastrous, and after a meeting with the head teacher, she realised that her son was at risk of not being allowed to join the mainstream schooling system.

“He said Cam was getting into little fights, was disruptive, a trouble-maker, basically,” she said. “I took him around other schools — six, maybe seven — to see if they would take him, but when they heard the history, they all said no. He was deemed unteachable.”

Cameron thanked his followers for their support



Carol is also mum to daughter Katie

She put him in to an £11,000-a-term specialist school where he benefitted from bespoke teaching and small classes, and he made progress.

When he was 7 he was prescribed Concerta, a slow-release form of Ritalin.

Carol said: “For us, they were a miracle drug. I could see the difference in Cam within an hour of taking them. He could focus, stay awake. Something happened in his brain.”

But when the Vordermans relocated to Bristol and he joined a new school aged 10 he was teased and bullied by other pupils.

There were physical altercations, but Cameron says it was the “psychological” bullying that affected him the most.

After passing six GCSEs he struggled with his A Levels, but was accepted to South Gloucestershire College where he studied for a two-year diploma in animation.

After passing with distinction he was able to get a place at the University of West of England in Bristol to study animation.

Last summer he achieved a first-class honours degree.

This week he graduated from a year long MA in animation and VFX, which he hopes will lead to a career making video games.

Carol posted a video of Cameron on her Instagram page last week where he explained that he was motivated to beat the bullies out of “spite”, and to show everyone who said that he would never achieve anything that they were wrong.

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