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Tom Daley: I am happy to be a gay guy and an Olympic champ

Excellent Britain take on Canada in their 3rd and final group phase fixture on Tuesday, already through to the knockout stage now attempting to secure leading spot.
Six points taken so far, courtesy of a two-goal success over Chile and a late win over hosts Japan, leave Team GB able to rotate the squad for this fixture if head coach Hege Riise wishes to, though in theory a first-place surface in the group ought to yield a better component in the quarter-finals. If Great Britain surface top, they will play third place from either Group F or G – China PR or Australia at the start of play on the final round of games – while a second-place finish sees them play Fs runners-up, likely Brazil or Netherlands.

Canada still require a point to guarantee their own progression, though with the 2 best third-place sides likewise going through, they search in a strong position to reach the last eight regardless.
Follow live updates of Canada vs Great Britain at Tokyo 2020, as well as significant updates from other occasions listed below:

Canada vs Great Britain

Match kicks off at 12pm BST
Terrific Britain already through after 2 success, Canada require a point
Canada XI – Labbe; Buchanan, Quinn, Rose, Riviere, Leon, Lawrence, Viens, Gilles, Beckie, Schmidt
Fantastic Britain XI – Roebuck; Bronze, Williamson, Stokes, Bright, Ingle, Weir, Daly, Scott, Stanway, Parris
Leon ratings opener for Canada
Weirs late deflected strike earns draw for Team GB
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Womens Gymnastics Team Final: GB take bronze!
GREAT BRITAIN HAVE WON THE BRONZE MEDAL! Oh my! Italy fail at the last difficulty and GB have taken the bronze!
We didnt have any coverage of that, however Team GB have yet another medal!

Dylan Terry27 July 2021 13:53

Womens Gymnastics Team Final
Melnikova nails her regular and gets a 13.9! The ROC have clinched the gold medal!
The Russian quartet replicate the maless victory the other day with another Olympic success! Their first in the femaless group occasion since 1992.

Dylan Terry27 July 2021 13:52

Tokyo 2020: Canada 1-1 Great Britain

Great Britain go through top of the group, thanks to that late equaliser from Weir. 7 points from the three games is enough to sit ahead of Canada, Japan and Chile. Canada in second and they are through too.

Karl Matchett27 July 2021 13:51

Womens Gymnastics Team Final
Its 13.666 for Sunisa Lee, was expecting a larger rating than that in all honesty.
Here comes Angelina Melnikova for the ROC. If she avoids any clear mistakes, the Russians will clinch gold.

Dylan Terry27 July 2021 13:49

Womens Gymnastics Team Final
Sunisa Lee nails her routine for USA but you fear it is not going to be enough. The Americans require to hope Russia make a serious error in their final floor routine.
Nonetheless, Lee has been outstanding coming in for Simone Biles on short notice. Take nothing far from the incredibly sub.

Dylan Terry27 July 2021 13:47

Womens Gymnastics Team Final
Its 14.66 for the ROCs 2nd floor regimen. U.S.A.s Sunisa Lee requires to produce something unique here, however its escaping for the Americans.
( Getty Images).

Dylan Terry27 July 2021 13:45.

Tokyo 2020: GOAL! Canada 1-1 Great Britain.

Theres the equaliser! Dam takes her time, lines up a strike from range and it takes a huge deflection to flick into the far corner, no opportunity for Labbe and Great Britain are back to 1-1 – and back to the top of the group!

Karl Matchett27 July 2021 13:42.

Tokyo 2020: Canada 1-0 Great Britain.

Into the closing stages and Team GB trying to force the concern however not truly creating any moments of danger, it needs to be said. They require a goal for that simpler attract the knockouts – marginally a minimum of.

Karl Matchett27 July 2021 13:41.

Womens Gymnastics Team Final.
Its just 11.7 for Jordan Giles on the floor. The judges made her pay for her fall midway through the routine.
Just three more regimens to come, two for the ROC and one for the United States. The Russians can practically touch the gold medal.

Dylan Terry27 July 2021 13:41.

Womens Gymnastics Team Final.
OH NO! Jordan Chiles falls as she chooses a detailed carry on the floor but cant rather execute! Shes back to her feet to finish the routine however that might well see the ROC clinch triumph!
USA could not pay for any more errors.

EXCELLENT BRITAIN HAVE WON THE BRONZE MEDAL! Italy fail at the final hurdle and GB have taken the bronze!
Great Britain go through top of the group, thanks to that late equaliser from Weir. Seven points from the 3 video games is enough to sit ahead of Canada, Japan and Chile. Canada in second and they are through too.

Dylan Terry27 July 2021 13:38.


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