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Britney Spears returns to court in conservatorship case

Britney Spears’s conservatorship case is back in court today.

A potentially pivotal hearing is taking place this afternoon at Los Angeles Superior Court.

Judge Brenda Penny will be pressed to make major decisions on whether to end the conservatorship which has ruled over Spears’s life and finances for 13 years – and if the system remains in place, whether her father James Spears should remain as his daughter’s conservator.

Spears has said she wants the conservatorship to end and for her father to no longer oversee it.

Her attorney Mathew Rosengart, whom Spears was allowed to hire in July, has aggressively pushed for James Spears to be removed from the conservatorship. Rosengart previously requested an emergency hearing on the issue, but Penny ruled that it could wait until today.

James Spears himself has filed a petition to end the conservatorship, after seeking it in 2008. He has urged Penny to make a decision on the matter this Wednesday (29 September).

The hearing was scheduled to begin at 4:30pmET/9:30pm BST/1:30pm PT.

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As a reminder, two main questions are expected to be addressed during today’s hearing: whether to end the conservatorship altogether, and if not, whether Britney Spears’s father James Spears (also known to the public as Jamie) should remain as conservator of her business decisions.

Clemence Michallon29 September 2021 22:03


The hashtag #FreeBritney, the rallying cry of Britney Spears’s supporters, is trending in the US as the hearing begins.

Clemence Michallon29 September 2021 22:01


Journalists aren’t allowed to use electronics inside the courtroom, meaning we can expect periodic updates.

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Britney Spears’s attorney Mathew Rosengart is believed to have arrived to the LA courthouse where the hearing is taking place.

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Here is footage of the Britney Spears supporters who gathered outside the courthouse ahead of the hearing:

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The conservatorship hearing should be starting now in Los Angeles. This time, there is no remote access and no audio feed. The hearing is in-person access only.

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Hours before the hearing, a major street outside the Los Angeles courthouse was closed to vehicles, The Associated Press reports. This allowed about 100 Spears supporters to march and host a rally where they shouted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, the conservatorship has got to go!” and other pro-Britney chants.

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Supporters of Britney Spears gathered for a “Free Britney” rally in London today (29 September) ahead of the court hearing.

(Kate Green/Getty Images)

(Kate Green/Getty Images)

(Kate Green/Getty Images)

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The court hearing on Britney Spears’s conservatorship will begin in an hour.

This time, there will be no remote access and no audio feed.

In June, Spears’s testimony in which she denounced the conservatorship was heard in full.

However, all LA County courthouses have since ended the programme which enabled people to attend court hearings remotely, resuming in-person access instead.

“Effective 28 June, the Court will no longer offer the Remote Audio Attendance Program (RAAP) to listen remotely to courtroom proceedings. The Court implemented this temporary program during the pandemic recognising there may be abuses of the Court’s orders prohibiting recording, filming, and distribution of proceedings,” reads a statement released on 24 June, shortly after Spears’s hearing that month.

“Widespread breaches by the public in a recent court proceeding highlighted the need to return to in-person, open courtroom proceedings, which is a welcome development.”

Clemence Michallon29 September 2021 20:43


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