Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

That numeration is still coming at the end of September. Up until then, polices got the Judge Pennys back.

As a result, our police sources tell us the L.A. County Sheriffs Dept. is keeping an eye on the online activity– as were informed theyve seen a few of the posts and indeed found them to be worrying.

The judge managing Britney Spears conservatorship case isnt simply out of favor with Britneys fans– the woman is having her life threatened … a frightening advancement thats now on polices radar.

The #freebritney crowds outrage started bubbling over after Judge Brenda Pennys judgment last week … youll recall she decided against instantly suspending Jamie Spears from the conservatorship, and rejected Brits demand for an emergency situation hearing on the matter. Were informed scores of death risks against Judge Penny were published online … with many individuals calling for her to lose her life and “die.”.

As for the ruling that obviously angered lots of people, Judge Penny didnt give any particular reasoning, however, realistically, it seems– based upon whats been submitted in court– she didnt see an urgent requirement to call the hearing on Jamies future as conservator of Britneys estate.

It looks like some of the comments were unclear, while others were more direct– like one user who composed, “I sense this judge Brenda Penny is going to have a terrible strange death #freebritney.” Thereve also been some racial slurs tossed at the judge, who is Black.

The hashtag #BrendaPennyIsCorrupt was also trending after her rulings.

Were told none of the published threats appear to rise to the level of criminality– not yet anyway, but LASD will continue monitoring.


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