Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

WASHINGTON (AP)– President Joe Biden stated Thursday that the U.S. will boost security at its embassy in Haiti following last weeks assassination of that countrys president, but sending American troops to stabilize the nation was “not on the agenda.”Haitis interim federal government recently asked the U.S. and the United Nations to deploy soldiers to protect key infrastructure following President Jovenel Moïses assassination. Biden signaled he was closed to the demand, which comes as he is drawing down U.S. forces in Afghanistan this summertime.”Were only sending American Marines to our embassy,” Biden stated. “The concept of sending American forces to Haiti is not on the agenda,” he added.Mathias Pierre, Haitis elections minister, told The Associated Press Thursday that he believes the request for U.S. troops is pertinent offered what he called a “fragile circumstance” and the requirement to create a safe environment for elections set up to happen in 120 days.He likewise said Bidens remark that sending U.S. troops was “not on the program” still leaves the choice open.”This is not a closed door. The advancement of the situation will figure out the outcome,” Pierre stated. “In the meantime, the federal government is doing everything we can to support the country, return to a normal environment and arrange elections while attempting to come to a political contract with the majority of political celebrations.”The demand for U.S. intervention recalled the tumult following Haitis last presidential assassination, in 1915, when a mad mob dragged President Vilbrun Guillaume Sam out of the French Embassy and beat him to death. In response, President Woodrow Wilson sent out Marines into Haiti, justifying an American military profession– which lasted almost 20 years– as a method to avoid anarchy.Biden addressed the situation in Haiti throughout a joint press conference at the White House with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ___ Associated Press author Danica Coto added to this report from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


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