Biden outlines Afghanistan withdrawal: ‘It’s time for American troops to come home’ – live – The Guardian

The Biden administration will keep “intelligence and military capabilities” in the region to deal with any emerging risks, though al Qaeda “does not presently possess” the capability for attacks on the U.S. homeland, a senior adminstration authorities stated.

U.S. authorities on Tuesday said that Biden on Wednesday would announce that all remaining U.S. soldiers would leave Afghanistan before Sept. 11, the 20th anniversary of the al Qaeda attacks on the United States that activated the U.S.-led invasion.

Burns testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee highlighted a crucial danger intrinsic in Bidens choice to pull staying U.S. dislodges, given the withstanding existence of al Qaeda and Islamic State militants in the nation.

“When the time comes for the U.S. military to withdraw, the U.S. federal governments ability to collect and act on dangers will decrease. Thats merely a reality,” he informed the committee, including that the United States would nevertheless keep “a suite of abilities”.

Washingtons capability to collect intelligence and act on dangers will decrease when U.S. troops leave Afghanistan, CIA Director William Burns stated on Wednesday ahead of an anticipated statement of a pullout by President Joe Biden.

However Burns warning showed some specialists issues that the departure of U.S. forces will leave U.S. intelligence officers with considerably less security, constraining their capability to gather prompt information on the ground.

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