Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

A brand-new report originating from a fairly trustworthy source, when it concerns Apple-related stuff, claims that there might be some production issues with the new Apple Watch Series 7 that might cause a hold-up in the schedule.

The factor behind this is most likely the new, larger display. When production problems arise, there are a number of possible results – the items announcement is delayed, the launch date is pushed back or its offered in restricted quantities. Mark Gurman believes it would be the second one.

A postponed announcement is highly not likely, however, and Gurman says the first media invitations should start flying in as soon as today.

According to custom, the new Apple Watch Series 7 will get its reasonable share of the spotlight throughout the iPhone 13 announcement however the very first systems of the watch will begin shipping later, perhaps from October. Theres also the option of delaying just the affected Apple Watch variations and make the rest readily available on schedule.



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