Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Apple is about to launch a host of new products in another of its live streamed virtual events.

Official hints about what might be about to launch are hard to find: the invitation only included a natural vista and the phrase “California Streaming”.

But rumours suggest that the company is preparing to launch the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and new AirPods. Full details of what is expected in that new iPhone can be found here.

It has long been rumoured to be preparing updates to the iPad and Mac lines, too, but they may be held until another event next month.

The event begins at 10am local pacific time, or 6pm in the UK, and will be available to stream online – as well as covered, as it happens, below.


Apple Store goes down

As is tradition, the Apple Store has gone down ahead of the event. Visitors are just told to come back later:


Apple always does that before a siginficant new product launch, so it doesn’t tell us anything much. (It only means something is coming…)

It will probably go back online as soon as the event is over, probably with new details about the iPhone and everything else.

Andrew Griffin14 September 2021 15:04


Cheaper iPad rumoured to be arriving today

There’s only a few hours before we actually find out, but the rumours are still coming fast. The latest is that the cheaper iPad will be getting an update today, too.

That’s according to the the Weibo account @PandaIsBald, which has accurately leaked Apple information in the past, and reported by Macrumors.

None of the changes are likely to be especially exciting: it will probably get a speed bump and other small improvements, while keeping its current design, which is rounded with a TouchID button, unlike the rest of the iPads.

The update and the timing would make sense given that event comes as people are headed back to school, and the model has traditionally been focused on students and others who are keen for a relatively low-cost entry into the iPad range.

Andrew Griffin14 September 2021 13:51


With just hours before the event begins, Apple has released an urgent security update for all of its devices. The patch fixes a flaw that could allow take over an iPhone, iPad or Mac – without the user even needing to do anything.

Andrew Griffin14 September 2021 10:36


Hello and welcome…

… to The Independent’s live coverage of the latest Apple event – which will probably see the release of the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and new AirPods.

Andrew Griffin14 September 2021 10:22


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