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Adele was forced to cancel her residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas with less than 24 hours’ notice, and in emotional phone calls to distraught fans, the tearful singer encouraged them to visit her merchandise shop in the casino

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Adele in tears as she’s forced to reschedule live tour

Adele will be making a fortune despite halting her Las Vegas residency, as fans snap up the singer’s £55 branded wine and £11 socks.

The 33-year-old singer was forced to cancel her residency at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum at the last minute, after facing delays with her shows due to Covid-19.

In a tearful video posted to social media, Adele said it was “impossible” to finish the show because “half my crew and team” were struck down with the virus.

“I’m so upset and I’m really embarrassed. We’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and Covid,” she cried.

Her announcement came as fans from all over the world were flying into Sin City ready for her hotly-anticipated residency, which was scheduled to kick off on January 21.

Adele will still be raking in the cash thanks to her pricey merchandise pop-up shop


Rowan Griffiths / Daily Mirror)

Videos from disgruntled and upset fans were posted on Twitter and Instagram, with many already in Las Vegas when Adele confirmed the shows had been cancelled.

The Oscar-winning singer reached out to some of those affected by the cancellation, and offered them drinks vouchers and a free gift in her merchandise shop, located in the Caesars Palace casino.

Adele was due to rake in more than £500,000 per gig, with the entire Weekends With Adele residency set to make her a whopping £30 million.

Adele’s own Cloudy Bay wine is up for sale, which normally retails for around £25 a bottle



Fans were eager to get their hands on official Adele products



Fans are still in the dark over when the shows will finally take place, as Adele is due to take part at the BRIT Awards in London next month, and she’s also due to headline two sell-out gigs in London’s Hyde Park in July.

Even though she’s not sang a note on stage in Vegas, Adele is still making money thanks to her expensive official products being sold in the pop-up shop.

Sweatshirts embroidered with lyrics from her hit songs, including Rolling in the Deep, were on sale for up to $110, which were more than the tickets to Adele’s gig.

Cute Varsity jackets emblazoned with patches inspired by the Hello hitmaker’s career, such as patches representing the names of her albums, were also for sale, alongside $50 T-shirts.

The singer was devastated as she announced her entire residency had been postponed

Those looking for a more refined piece of merchandise could opt for a chic necklace, and depending on their relationship status, they could opt for ‘Hello’, ‘Married’, or ‘Divorced’.

Adele even branched out into selling her own wine, and bottles of luxury New Zealand brand Cloudy Bay were available, printed with the singer’s name.

Fans could choose from a red – Pinot Noir – or a white – Sauvignon Blanc – and they were also able to personalise the bottle in store, inspired by Adele’s hit from her latest album 30, I Drink Wine.

A sweet nod to Adele’s heartbreaking ballads was also spotted in the store – which showcases some of the singer’s costumes and awards – with packets of ‘Cry Your Heart Out’ tissues on sale.

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