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At 59 per cent, London is house to some of the biggest levels of down valued homes of all UK locations and it likewise ranks 3rd in terms of the sheer volume of transactions impacted.

While half of all transactions in Northern Ireland are down valued, a lower level of homes offered ways that an overall of 12,346 deals have actually been affected in the last year– the lowest of all UK areas.

The research study even more revealed that, across the UK, an estimated 390,285 houses have been down valued by surveyors dealing with behalf of home loan providers, who think the cost agreed by both buyer and seller was too expensive.

The North West has also seen a few of the highest levels of worth changes during the selling process, with 54,043 of the 96,506 houses offered in the in 2015 being down valued.

The South East is the region to have seen the most deals struck by a down valuation. Of the 137,107 homes offered in the last 12 months, an estimated 60,327 are believed to have been down valued.

The firm approximates that 47,769 of the 80,965 homes sold throughout the capital in the in 2015 have actually undergone a down evaluation.

The company analysed residential or commercial property market deals over the last 12 months to expose how many houses are being down valued based on a decline report by Bankrate.

LocationSales vol– last 12 monthsProperties down valued %Est properties down valued– last 12 monthsSouth East137,10744% 60,327 North West96,50656% 54,043 London80,96559% 47,769 Yorkshire and the Humber72,65458% 42,139 East of England90,40839% 35,259 West Midlands region69,88050% 34,940 Scotland100,67131% 31,208 South West88,74126% 23,073 Wales36,17063% 22,787 East Midlands 66,17127% 17,866 North East33,80543% 14,536 Northern Ireland24,69150% 12,346 England736,23744% 323,944 United Kingdom89776943% 390285SourceTransactions between May 2020 and April 2021 (latest readily available) UK House Price Index% of down valued residential or commercial properties applied to transactions in the last 12 months

Almost 400,000 UK home deals have actually been down valued in the last year alone, according to research by London home representative Benham and Reeves, shared with City A.M. this early morning.

Expense of down evaluation

A mid-range drop of ₤ 7,500 would see the average UK property down valued by -2.8 percent.

Residence in the North East would see the largest decrease at -5%, together with Northern Ireland at -4.9 per cent and -4.3 per cent in Scotland..

” They frequently occur due to over expectant sellers setting their asking price too high but were also seeing more lenders ask for a greater degree of care by valuers in a market where rates are climbing up at a rate of knots,” he included.

” Down evaluations can be a genuine thorn in the side of those excited to progress with a property transaction but sadly they are a common occurrence within the UK property market,” commented Marc von Grundherr, director of Benham and Reeves.

Its also estimated that the typical residential or commercial property throughout the UK will take a hit of between ₤ 5,000 and ₤ 10,000 as an outcome of a down evaluation.

LocationAveHP– June 2021House price after est down worth cost of ₤ 7,500 Est down value cost %North East ₤ 149,521 ₤ 142,021-5.0% Northern Ireland ₤ 153,449 ₤ 145,949-4.9% Scotland ₤ 173,961 ₤ 166,461-4.3% Yorkshire and the Humber ₤ 194,518 ₤ 187,018-3.9% Wales ₤ 195,291 ₤ 187,791-3.8% North West ₤ 200,222 ₤ 192,722-3.7% East Midlands ₤ 226,846 ₤ 219,346-3.3% West Midlands region ₤ 231,429 ₤ 223,929-3.2% South West ₤ 294,906 ₤ 287,406-2.5% East of England ₤ 327,017 ₤ 319,517-2.3% South East ₤ 355,948 ₤ 348,448-2.1% London ₤ 510,299 ₤ 502,799-1.5% England ₤ 284,029 ₤ 276,529-2.6% United Kingdom ₤ 265,668 ₤ 258,168-2.8% UK House Price Index ( June most current available) Down value cost used to average house rate.

In London where house costs are at their greatest, this assessment modification would result in a drop of just -1.5 percent.


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